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At Just Save The Date, we believe that, we don't just plan events, we plan our friends' events. In order to create a unique and memorable event, we must get to know our clients on a personal level. Accordingly, our events directly reflect our clients, their personalities, and their vision. For some "the devil is in the details," but, for us, our client's personalities are in the details, making the overall event truly unique and memorable.

We believe our attention to detail, organization, creativity, friendship and just plain awesomeness have really driven us to where we are today.  We really love what we do and who we work with!  Interested in being part of the Just Save The Date family?  Click below to learn more about our wedding services, as well as our social and corporate event planning.

Just Save The Date and let us take care of the rest!


Maggie Stolzberg Photography

Maggie Stolzberg Photography

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